Norman Finkelstein

27 02 2008

Th TV station that hosted Norman Finkelstein for the interview is a Lebanon-based, Harriri-owned station. Just look at the difference. We have a foreign, American and Jewish person trying to convince and teach a Lebanese woman (march 14 traitor) about respect and honour. Ridigulous.


Lebanons Botched Government Initiating Civil War

10 02 2008

If Lebanon ever descends into civil war anytime soon, at least you would know who the first people to start it were. A week ago, a PSP (Walid Jumblats party) official was admitted to hospital with a bullet wound to his chest. Major news outlets such as LBC TV raced to take an account of what happened from this official. He claimed that he was driving in the streets of ‘Aramoun, only to be amushed by unknown gunmen who aparantly wanted him dead. This is the guy:


So far so good. Then, good old Al-Manar had to butt in and screw up this guys five minutes of sympathetic fame. I mean, just look at his face. Doesn’t he look like a victim to you? Wrong. The person you’re looking at is a notorious terrorist who took to the streets on that same day to terrorise the citizens of ‘Aramoun by randomly shooting everywhere.


This is the same man in action. He arrived with a few friends on Sunday just after midnight. He could be heard telling his friends to empty their magazines before the amy arrives, because they aren’t too far away. This is one of his friends brandishing his new American M4A1 Colt, and then aiming with it:

capture.jpg capture2.jpg

Then this is another of his militia friends:


Now, six days later and none of the people who were caught on camera been arrested or charged with a single offense. Even though the authorities have the name of the guy who faked it, the face of three of his terrorist collegues and even their car details:


What else do authorities need for a proper investigation to happen? Why was the former story, or should I say lie, linked to Syria, but this is not even being dealt with. Why isn’t the authorities rushing to find out who did this, then squash them and their line-of-command like bugs. Why don’t they link these people with the same militia/terrorist men who regularly terrorise the Lebanese people by firing at demonstrators and killing dozens so far. Do you want to know why? Because these scums are Waleed Jumblats men. Don’t take it from, take it from the scum who was wounded by his own friends – he gave his name and affiliation upon being asked on national television.


It is not surprising that this guy, Nizar Munthir (the wounded lier from the begining of this post), got shot by his own friends. Their irresponsible behaviour could be seen left and right. Just who shoots towards the ground at close proximity to a car packed with friends? Well, one of them thought it was a good idea:


If you want to download this video in WMV format, then click here. Or watch it here:

Despite all of this evidence, March 14 leaders act like the victims but ofcourse talk like prince’s of civil war. “You want anarchy? (We) welcome anarchy. You want war? (We) welcome war,” Jumblatt said, to the cheers of supporters. “There is no problem with weapons…” said Jumblatt. Harriri went on to say, “We don’t want a confrontation. But if we are dragged into one, we will not stay hands tied,” Hariri vowed in Tripoli. He earlier said in Beirut: “If confrontation is our destiny, then we stand ready.” Do you hear the tone? Compare that with Hezbollah’s, “We have been hearing an escalatory tone lately with readiness to confront; a tone that we did not hear during the 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon. The opposition cannot be drawn into internal sedition. They (loyalty bloc) need to find other ways to prove their competence to those who made them their proxies,” MP Mohammad Raad, the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc said. “If unity is our destiny, then we stand ready for it,” he responded Saturday to Hariri’s pledge of confrontation. Jumblatt even went on to threaten launching attacks at the opposition, “We have no problem with weapons or with rockets which we will launch on you.” Predicting assassinations against the army in the region under his control, Jumblatt warned that there are”armed groups planning to carry out terrorist attacks against the army in the mountains.””

29 01 2008

Sectional elements in the Lebanese army have been widely blamed – whether directly or indirectly – of being responsible behind the killing of fellow Lebanese civilians on Sunday. This is exactly why Hezbollah refuses to be part of a divided, weak and relatively undisciplined army. It would be a disaster for Hezbollah’s effectiveness if they ever were incorporated into the army. Their deepest secrets would be easily accessible and fully available to the media within days.

The Mystery of Fatah Al-Islam

24 01 2008

Fatah Al-Islam has been shrouded by mystery and confusion since the day it officially declared it’s existence. Their story and plight has become politicised by frankly every single party involved in Lebanese politics – this includes outsider party’s as well as national one. Sadly, the misinformation broadcast by every politician, political party, news outles and governments has led to the obstruction of unveiling the truth behind this militant organisation either due to the inaccuracy of information gathered or journalist and freelancers’ fear of being accused of lying and siding by a political party – and in effect have all their research disregarded as well as their record stained – if they dare declare their findings.

We’ll start with the basics. Fatah Al-Islam became known in May 2007 after it officially declared it’s existence and fought the Lebanese National Army in the same month. It’s leader is Shaker Al-Abssi, a notorious criminal and hardcore militant who used to be an ex-Fighter Pilot for the Libyan army, sentenced to death in absentia in Jordan as well as jailed in Syria for smuggling weapons and is now again wanted by the Syrian Authorities.


The March 14 camp in Lebanon (US/Western-backed) claims that Fatah Al-Islam is a small splinter or sleeper terrorist group in Lebanon under Syrian direction and support (including arms and finances). Meanwhile, the March 8 camp (Syrian/Iranian-backed) claims the contrary. That in fact, Fatah Al-Islam is a group created by the March 14 camp in order to weaken the relatively strong Army – essentially the only barrier to a confrontation with Hezbollah and total control in Lebanon. Read the rest of this entry »

22 01 2008

George Maalouf, an energy analysts told Ya Libnan: “The irony in all this is that neither Hezbollah nor Amal supporters pay for the electricity in Lebanon. Electricity fee collectors are scared to go to the Hezbollah controlled areas for fear for their lives.””

Let me clarify a few things that this comment infers. It infers;

1) If you support a specific political party in Lebanon, in this case Hezbollah or Amal, you automatically do not tend to pay your electricity bills. It is like a virus – once your allegiance is pledged to a specific party, you systematically gain a tendency to evade bills.

2) The comment also infers that all Hezbollah and Amal supporters live exclusively in ‘Hezbollah controlled’ areas of Lebanon. They are autonomous from the rest of the nation and only ever live under the control of their party.

3) Finally, the commentator assumes that fee collectors are afraid to ‘enter’ these areas because they may be at risk – therefore making a connected assumption that there is some kind of common rivalry between a fee collector and Hezbollah supporters, I guess they are both born to hate each other – whereas the rest of Lebanon and Lebanese absolutely love the bill collectors. They are similarly born with a common love for each other. Read the rest of this entry »


16 01 2008

A new image has hit the internet. It a moped with a number plate depicting an image of the Lebanese cedar with two Thulfiqar swords (the sword of Imam Ali, the Shi’ite’s most sacred person after the Prophet), with the words in Arabic reading, “Jumhuriyyat al-Dahyeh”. This translates into “The Republic of Dahyeh” The word Dahyeh literally means Suburbs. In Lebanon, it is a reference to the Beirut Southern Suburbs.

The picture speaks for itself. As they say, a picture contains a thousand words, and this one contains a thousand synonyms for forgery, deception, hate and provocation. A rusted, busted moped will unlikely have such a shiny and brand-new looking number-plate. It is called a number-plate to have a number on it not an insignia. The photo has been clearly PhotoShoped and toyed around with.

One question that pops up in my head as soon as I see stuff like this is: Why? What benefit do you get from it? A bit of a laugh? Why are you messing with the Shi’ites when they’re leaving you alone. Don’t forget they’re boiling in anger and armed to the teeth with some of the best trained, most organised, experienced and relentless fighters in the Middle East. Certainly the strongest Guerilla force in the world and undoubtedly stronger than some national armies (such as, um, the Lebanese Army?)

This is the photo:


Our Debt Problem

15 01 2008


Maybe a lot of you do not understand our national debt problem in Lebanon. You hear the Majority today blaming the opposition, Syria and Hezbollah for this problem. I just like to clarify the facts here, nothing else.

Our debt problem started after the civil war ended. The Harriri government embarked on a debt adventure – even though Mr Harriri himself had been in the top 10 richest people in the world, valued at somewhere between 9 and $13.5 billion. His Finance minister had been – surprise surprise – Mr Fouad Seniora.

Let me explain the basics before I go on to the details. There are actually a few things. First, when a country borrows money, where and who does it take the money from? Countries normally borrow money from either banks or other countries, but there is only one source where money could be taken out of – a bank! You can’t borrow money from a country and expect them to ship it to you through the mail. Read the rest of this entry »