Civil Unrest

11 02 2008

The civil war we were promised yesterday by Jumblat and Harriri is starting to materialise:

“”A convoy from the Future movement was driving by Berri’s residence. Apparently some heated words were exchanged with Berri’s security service and shots were fired.”

No injuries were reported and the security forces are conducting investigation of the incident

In Aley , a summer resort town , 10 miles east of Beirut , two people were wounded in clashes late Sunday between members of Druze leader Walid Jumblatt’s Progressive Socialist Party ( PSP) and rivals from the Lebanese Democratic Party (LDP) headed by the pro-Syrian opposition former MP Talal Arslan, security officials said.

2 people were wounded . One girl: Haneen Arij ( 12) and one man : Rami Seri- Eddin (22) according to the national News Agency.

The incidents came hours after Jumblatt warned the Hezbollah -led opposition that March 14 is ready for war and peace” (and also hours after Hariri bragged he will not remain with his hands ‘tied’)

I want to present two arguments, which resemble the same arguments presented by March 14 when the elctricity riots happened;

1) What were Hariri’s people doing in Ain el-Tineh district, which is Berri’s stronghold and residence, fully armed? I say to provoke and instigate a clash which will escalate into the war Hariri promised us Lebanese (you see, Hariri wants to be the new Wa3ad Al Sadeq in Lebanon, and through this Wa3ed he will bring us the social justice his party also promises). However, you will not hear this great peice of divine wisdom from Harriri this time he’ll come up with another ubsurd explanation for it – he always does.

2) Aley is the stronghold of Jumblat. Why is his area reaking havvoc and sporadic gunfights? It must be his fault because it’s his area. This is the argument presented by the idiot Jumblat after clashes took place in the Dahyeh – a Hezbollah stronghold. But ofcourse we all know who was responsible for that.

Do you see the ubsurdity and catch 22 in those arguments? That’s exactly why on Thursday (14 February) only 30 or 35 thousand people will turn up for the third anniversary of Hariri Seniors assasination. This is also why Hariri is ‘redistributing’ $25million in North Lebanon, in places like Tripoli [you see, Hariri is not a Billionnaire afterall, he’s a hardcore socialist – just like Jumblat].

Hahaha, give us a break you nutcases.


22 01 2008

George Maalouf, an energy analysts told Ya Libnan: “The irony in all this is that neither Hezbollah nor Amal supporters pay for the electricity in Lebanon. Electricity fee collectors are scared to go to the Hezbollah controlled areas for fear for their lives.””

Let me clarify a few things that this comment infers. It infers;

1) If you support a specific political party in Lebanon, in this case Hezbollah or Amal, you automatically do not tend to pay your electricity bills. It is like a virus – once your allegiance is pledged to a specific party, you systematically gain a tendency to evade bills.

2) The comment also infers that all Hezbollah and Amal supporters live exclusively in ‘Hezbollah controlled’ areas of Lebanon. They are autonomous from the rest of the nation and only ever live under the control of their party.

3) Finally, the commentator assumes that fee collectors are afraid to ‘enter’ these areas because they may be at risk – therefore making a connected assumption that there is some kind of common rivalry between a fee collector and Hezbollah supporters, I guess they are both born to hate each other – whereas the rest of Lebanon and Lebanese absolutely love the bill collectors. They are similarly born with a common love for each other. Read the rest of this entry »