Norman Finkelstein

27 02 2008

Th TV station that hosted Norman Finkelstein for the interview is a Lebanon-based, Harriri-owned station. Just look at the difference. We have a foreign, American and Jewish person trying to convince and teach a Lebanese woman (march 14 traitor) about respect and honour. Ridigulous.




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3 03 2008

Is this guy serious? i heard he said some things but this is outrageous nonesense. He is an apologetic who clearly does not have one iota of understanding of the mideast and the “games” that are being played or of the players themselves. Furture TV gave him 10 min too much. asa liberal progressive with an agenda he obvioulsy hates his own country but to damn lebanon along with everyone else…

There is going to be a war!? Hisballah is to be honoured!? The Jews were forced to leave the South!?

If anyone beleives his garbage they would believe nonesensical conspiracy theories like M14 asked israel to attack us and destroy the whole country…when the fact on the ground is nasrallah begged them to save his and hizballahs ass…and later apologised for starting the damn thing at the request of Iran and Syria.

7 03 2008

Shunkleash – do you enjoy living on your knees? March 14 would rather fight Hezbollah to be on their knees to the Israelis and Americans than fight Israel/US to stand tall. Weird.

19 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Clutter.

9 07 2008

yeah .. the content of this interview is not really in touch with reality .. may be the way its been put together .. not blaming anyone ..

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