“Ruling Bloc Urged Israel to Kill Sayyed Nasrallah”

10 02 2008

The February 14 bloc insisted on exposing its role in the 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon, after some of its figures denied what the head of the Winograd commission said about the existence of a “classified part of the war report which was not revealed so as not to “endanger Israel’s security and foreign relations.” However, does Eliyahu Winograd need to fabricate these words as some February 14 figures have claimed?
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had made an extraordinary effort to ban the publication of his full statement to the Winograd Committee, because of the “sensitive information” it contains pertaining to the war.

“For obvious reasons, the unclassified Report does not include the many facts that cannot be revealed for reasons of protecting the state’s security and foreign affairs,” the Winograd report said. Israeli leaks have uncovered the context of what is being concealed within the papers of the Winograd report. These leaks confirm that some members of the February 14 bloc had contacted the Israelis during the 2006 war not only to demand they crush Hezbollah, but to liquidate its Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah as well.

On the 19th of July 2007, Israeli political analyst Emanuel Rosen said that a “well informed political source” informed him that Olmert and members of his government “received a letter from the Lebanese government in the last 24 hours of the war asking them not to stop the war before Hezbollah was crushed adding that it is extremely preferable to liquidate Nasrallah.” “For the first time, we reveal in this book that moderate Arab states and people close to the Lebanese government have conveyed messages to the Israeli government via different sides demanding Israel continues the war until Hezbollah was completely crushed,” said Avi Issacharoff in his book “Spider Webs, The Story of the Second Lebanon War.” For his part, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman was even clearer about these contacts. He said: “I was at the United Nations Headquarters during the war and you cannot imagine how many Arab foreign ministers and ambassadors came to me and told me to complete the mission and eliminate Hezbollah.”

Facing attempts by the February 14 bloc to acquit Israel from a premeditated war in 2006, Israeli political and military officials confirmed Israel had prepared for the war and that it initiated it not to gain back two captured soldiers, but to crush Hezbollah.
“Israel initiated a long war, which ended without its clear military victory,” article 11 of the Winograd report said. Amir Peretz, who was Defense Minister during the war said: “Is there really someone who believes that the kidnapping of those two soldiers is what led to the war, of course not. If we had not waged this war, we would have found ourselves a few years from now in front of more dangerous threats than we had discovered.”
“Yes, there had been plans. One of these plans was dubbed (Uppermost Waters). It was based on a plan which I personally made years before the war. We trained on it and just before the war were in the process of renovating it,” said Eyal Ben-Reuven who was the second in command in the northern region during the war.

Anyway, this is a small part of what was uncovered in Israel. Perhaps what the coming days could reveal about the collusion of the February 14 bloc in the 2006 war would be momentous.




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12 02 2008
الموت لنصر الله ، وذبح الخنزير!

Israel should eliminate Nasrallah!
الموت لنصر الله ، وذبح الخنزير!

That is how it should be!

12 02 2008

every thing you need in alexandria
wow .. wait you soon

18 02 2008

hmmm… mata sanasbi7 loubnaniyoun.

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