“Lebanon rappers give Christian message a hip-hop twist”

4 02 2008

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A mini-buzz has hit some Lebanese and non-Lebanese sites. I just want to ask you whether these two guys even look like rappers, or am I the only one who thinks they both look like freshies?

Both this site  and this site think they’re ‘rappers’.




8 responses

4 02 2008

never seen these people.
I’m urged to ask – what does being Christian have to do with it?

4 02 2008

Welcome to Lebanon?

7 02 2008

they dont look like rappers to me.. to smiley.. more like pizza guys..

8 02 2008
ali hammoud

yeah, they don’t look rappers. they look like any kids on the block .

17 06 2008

I didn’t know there was supposed to be a certain look to be a “Rapper”, in this day & age there are heaps of mc’s you wouldn’t pick as being “MC’s” but they are..

They look like rappers to me anyways.. Mad props to them,it’s refreshing to know there’s actually Christians in these Muslim majority countries & who use hiphop to get their message accross..

10 09 2008

im glad theyre representing the message of jesus, even in the US christian rappers are not representing violence, keep up the good work in the name of jesus

10 02 2009

its nice being a rapper and even better as a christian rapper
it does have to look like that but sing

27 08 2009

What’s this nonsense? “Look like a rapper”. There’s no such thing. Man, you can have skills as a rapper, no matter how you look. And you can “look like a rapper” without possessing any skills what so ever. Makes no difference how you look.

PS. I found this blog by googling “Lebanon hip hop”. Your blog is higher on Google than any of the news sites 🙂

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