29 01 2008

Sectional elements in the Lebanese army have been widely blamed – whether directly or indirectly – of being responsible behind the killing of fellow Lebanese civilians on Sunday. This is exactly why Hezbollah refuses to be part of a divided, weak and relatively undisciplined army. It would be a disaster for Hezbollah’s effectiveness if they ever were incorporated into the army. Their deepest secrets would be easily accessible and fully available to the media within days.



One response

3 02 2008

I like your blog ideas… except you’re too known to be pro-opposition.

Pro-anything means anti-Lebanon!
My thoughts. If you want to help Lebanon – really help?

Trash all politicians & Make sure you vote for new faces in 2009!

Lebanese politicians are in for a shock in 2009! I feel an unkown chap has far more of a chance than any of those retched politicians – from either government or opposition.

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