22 01 2008

George Maalouf, an energy analysts told Ya Libnan: “The irony in all this is that neither Hezbollah nor Amal supporters pay for the electricity in Lebanon. Electricity fee collectors are scared to go to the Hezbollah controlled areas for fear for their lives.””

Let me clarify a few things that this comment infers. It infers;

1) If you support a specific political party in Lebanon, in this case Hezbollah or Amal, you automatically do not tend to pay your electricity bills. It is like a virus – once your allegiance is pledged to a specific party, you systematically gain a tendency to evade bills.

2) The comment also infers that all Hezbollah and Amal supporters live exclusively in ‘Hezbollah controlled’ areas of Lebanon. They are autonomous from the rest of the nation and only ever live under the control of their party.

3) Finally, the commentator assumes that fee collectors are afraid to ‘enter’ these areas because they may be at risk – therefore making a connected assumption that there is some kind of common rivalry between a fee collector and Hezbollah supporters, I guess they are both born to hate each other – whereas the rest of Lebanon and Lebanese absolutely love the bill collectors. They are similarly born with a common love for each other.

Do I have to go into detail to highlight the absurdity of this total crap? It is not only fascist and idiotic…there really are no words. Jeebus Christ, this guy makes a link between party loyalty and paying your bills! Please ask this expert if I support the Labour party in the UK will I be better off or worse off on my Bills? No, Seriously. I want to know.

Let me just make a few comments on this. Firstly, only south Lebanon was granted a tax and bill-break since the year 2000 for a total of three years. This has, of course, ended roughly 5 years ago. Good, Samaritan Lebanese (Shi’a or otherwise) whom support any of these two groups and resides in southern Lebanon pays for their bills. Their are ofcourse the random outlaws who steal from cable lines. others buy their own generators. Maybe if the electricity service was not so disorganised, crappy and only rationed in Shi’a areas, then maybe everyone will pay for their electricity. Hasn’t any pro-government people thought of that yet?

Let me set you out a plan if you are struggling. Firstly, remove the ugly and clumped wiring from overground and stuff them neatly underground. I don’t think people will go unnoticed digging 5 metres underground to extend a cord to their living room. Then, you could organise the system using electricity point cards with magnetic strips instead of ‘clocks’ to determine the amount to be paid. Fianally, maybe if you didn’t cut electricity in southern Lebanon, the Dahyeh and Ba’albeck for 12 hours a day while Beirut and the mountains remain lit-up, the people may have more respect for a non-discriminant government.

There you go. That is a 3-point plan to end our electricity misery. I doubt it would cost a fraction worth of subsidies provided by the government to EDL.

Finally, for your information Mr. energy analyst, bill collectors tend to reside in the areas they work in. They are not some kind of super-civilised humans living in a city and entering a jungle to tame the uncivilised Hezbollah supporters. It is a big insult to your reputation, reliability and knowledge to argue that an autonomous murder somewhere in southern Beirut by a pissed off man with a gun has any links with the general mood of every Hezbollah supporter. People tend to not be that stupid ad gullible. Why don’t you get yourself busy and attempt an op-ed on how every gun-related crime in America is committed by Republican supporters because Republicans excessively endorse less gun control?

Do people see why, I for one, does not pledge any allegiance, loyalty or links to people like those? There is a new reason every day.




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