Objectiveness of Franjieh

17 01 2008


The thing I love about Franjieh is his willingness and courage to criticise anything that he doesn’t like. He is honest and straight forward. He does not hide behind political jargon or political correctness to deliver his message. He says it loudly and clearly for everyone to hear. I also salute him for being one of the very few (if not the only one) politicians to criticise both Bkirki and Michelle Suleiman.

“Statements by Bkirki and the archbishops are not less decent than those (made) by some politicians who are known for their street talk,” Franjieh said in an interview on NBN television Wednesday night.”

“With due respect to our patriarch he is an employee for the U.S. embassy and for the French embassy,” Franjieh said.

He charged that Moussa travels around in a Hariri-owned airplane and that his hotel fee is paid by al-Moustaqbal movement leader.

“I don’t have confidence in someone who trusts (cabinet) minister Elias Murr and wants him in the (new government) and at the same time he is regarded a (government) supporter.”



One response

25 01 2008

If you consider Suleiman Franjieh as an objective person,you must have your own definition of objectivity that is different from what is widely accepted by others.You see,objectivity is not something that one is born with but has to be acquired through very tedious training and in a very suitable environment.
As the direct descendant of the “tribal chieftains” of the Franjieh Clan in the Ehden-Zgharta region of Lebanon,and having been brought up under the guidance of his grandfather Suleiman I,the perpetrator of the Doueihi/Church mass murder in the late 1950’s,and his father Tony, the perpetrator of the Dahr El-‘Ayn/Bus mass murder in 1970’s,your Suleiman was always kept as far away from objectivity as was possible.The fact that while he was still at a very young age,he witnessed Samir Ja’Ja’ and his men massacre his father,mother,dog,bodygurads,and household help did not help in initiating
his love for objectivity either.And,given the fact that Suleiman did have very little schooling did not help matters either.So,in short,the man lacks the proper upbringing and/or proper education and/or proper societal surrounding which are some of the necessary pre-requisites for the formation of an objective perosn.In all the fore mentioned domains, Suleiman received nothing but the proper training especially suited for tribal leaders such as ruthlessness,authoritarianism,suspicion,conspiracy,and similar vices.And in that regard,he was a very good student too.Patronized by his Syrian buddies,
members of the Al-Asad dynasty,Franjieh established and ran a very well financed and armed gang,Al-Marada,which ended up owning its own Sel’ata Seaport,Chekka Cement Factory,a major portion of LBC,Sawt Al-Ghad radio station and others.
As for Franjieh’s attack on others, I ,among many others do enjoy listening
to it .It is very amusing and those at the receiving end of his criticisms are usually very deserving of the insults that he hurles upon them.But my enjoyment hardly qualifies Suleiman’s comments to be dignified by being labeled objective.The man is as objective as Sa’ad Hariri is a believer in and a supporter of “democracy”.Being a Saudi born and raised eunich, where the hell would Hariri have learned about or had the chance to practice democracy in a country where people divided into two categories,ass-kissers and ass-kissed.
So,please do not use adjectives such as “objectivity” in a very loose manner
and leave it to those who deserve it.Good luck with your blog.

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