Lebanon’s Security Dependence

17 01 2008

“A US security team including FBI experts began inspecting evidence Thursday from the car bomb blast that targeted a US Embassy vehicle this week in the first such attack in Lebanon in more than two decades.”

Not surprising. The fact that Lebanon only ever asks for the help of ‘FBI experts’ raises many eyebrows. Why is it that US ‘experts’ always investigate every crime in Lebanon. Are Lebanese ‘experts’ allowed to go into the US and investigate a crime in their profession? What about Lebanese ‘expert’ secret services agents? Do you see Britain or any other Western country asking for ‘experts’ from the US secret services?

Another flaw that surfaces is the state that Lebanon is in and its lack of true independence. If we rely on the outside to provide security (Lebanese government = US FBI agents, Hezbollah = Syria/Iran), then we have a huge problem in Lebanon. We can not protect ourselves let alone accomplish anything else.




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