The Forgotten People of Cedar Land

16 01 2008


Lebanon is a unique country in every aspect. It is amazing. Despite all the problems in my native country – I still love it. I’m not the only one. Despite the wars, corruption, scandalous politicians and awkward parties, many Lebanese – both at home and abroad – are still attached to this small piece of land like no other.

I want to focus on the aspect that fills me with pride. The diversity in Lebanon tops everything I love about this country. Yes, we are extremely liberal and open people. Yes, we are also extremely hospitable and educated. But to see a native Lebanese Jew talking of their concern and love for this country truly touches you.

Although, with every force their is the negative aspect. In this case, it is that people like these are totally forgotten and disregarded. Jews and Atheists alike have no place in the political echelon of Lebanon. Their voices will never be heard until we truly achieve a political system that reflects the national mood of today – not half a century ago.

This is why I am commemorating this blog to those two disadvantaged people. Especially the Jewish community still residing in Lebanon – and even the Jewish community of Lebanese origin in diaspora who still feel the burning passion for Lebanon.

I extend my arm to you in peace, and spare a space in my heart to commemorae my equal respect and love to you all. I look to the day when we celebrate perfect equality of all people from all ethnicities in the great country we call Lebanon – Land of the Cedars.



One response

22 01 2008

I appreciate your comments about Lebanon and sharing love towards the Jewish people of lebanon as well. I remember growing up and my dad cursing the Jewish people. I believe the people of Lebanon have moved pass this view point and welcome ALL! How awesome a country Lebanon is, the Paris of the middle east. The diversity IS the uniqueness of our country. I pray for Lebanon and it’s future.
I read some of your other posts and found this one to be my favorite.

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