On the Beirut US-Embassy Bombing

16 01 2008


“US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday expressed “outrage” at what she called a terrorist attack against a US embassy vehicle in Beirut that left three people dead.

“I want to state the outrage of the United States against the terrorist attack that took place in Lebanon today,” Rice said at a joint press conference here with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal.”

“Saudi Arabia condemned the bombing attack on a US embassy car north of Beirut on Tuesday, calling it a ‘terrorist act’ meant to prevent stability in Lebanon.”

Please, don’t get me wrong. These attacks have killed 4 of my own people. I am outraged and feel disgusted by these attacks. But notice how the Americans and their Arab puppets jump up and rush to condemn anything that endangers the US interests in the Middle East.

I condemn all acts perpetrated wrongly, including the ones taking place on a daily basis in Palestine and periodically in Lebanon. Thank god no American citizens died in the attack, otherwise we might have those new Saudi Arabian Euro-fighters  circling the sky trying to find the perpetrators – something like Israel’s tactics.

When thousands die in Lebanon by Israeli jets, America is not outraged and Saudi Arabia –  supposedly the champion of the Arab world and the Islamic”ummah”, or what’s left of both – both find satisfaction in that. I really don’t get it. I’m lying, I do.




3 responses

16 01 2008
From Canada

Yeah, I hear you, still an in shock about 911, Munich, Bali, London, Beslen, Spain, India, Thailand, Algiers, USS Cole, and etc, and etc. Remember them?

Oh and I noticed you didn’t include Israel in the countries being attacked endless on a daily basis and still….I use to believe the crap that my cbc use to lie to me about now, thanks to the internet, I know you are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood of the world wide Caliphate, nice to know you hate woman as much as the Jews.

You sir are a bigot. What about the children being slaughtered in Iran for being human beings?

A friend of JEWS and all balanced people the world over.
Free Speech lives on! Ezra Levant is our hero.

Welcome to the real world where we don’t kill people over political satire comics. Or simply because we choose to believe in our own God, or not.

Just as a side note, Am I every impressed at how my fellow countrymen seem to be waking up from the PC multi-cult death grip that was forced on us.

16 01 2008
Brian H

“thousands die in Lebanon from Israeli jets”.

What a loada. Hundreds, most of them dedicated fighters intent on attacking Israel. Tough shit.

16 01 2008

Oh, okay. Sorry, my mistake. So those 109 civilians massacred in Qana in 1996 were all the worlds toughest guerilla fighters right?

Or were those 20,000 recorded civilian deaths as a result of the 1982 invasion. None of them were ever women or children, were they? You either ignore their deaths or maybe think they are secretly working for Iranian and Syrian secret services, right?

What about the Tens of thousands of house units you destroyed in the last Lebanon war, causing 300,000 homeless people in their own country. Were all those homes Hezbollah bases?

Listen to me both of you. Nor Israel nor any other western country today is enduring what the Palestinians are enduring. Thank God for Hezbollah, the Lebanese no longer endure the same crap.

BTW Mr From Canada. I nor the Lebanese nor the Palestinians have anything to do with your little list. Al-Qaeda exists. Tough Luck. I am a British citizen, of Lebanese origin and NOT a Muslim. Do you see me blaming Muslims for it? No you don’t. Because each Islamic group in each country has it’s own agendas – which might not always be world domination.

On a final note, the whole topic in that post was that America offers condemnation for any attacks against Israel. Arab countries indirectly support Israel in the sense they are silent when it attacks any other country – especially if it is Syria or the Palestinian territories – aids the Israeli blockade of Gaza and even occasionally condemns the victims and not the aggressor.

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