16 01 2008

A new image has hit the internet. It a moped with a number plate depicting an image of the Lebanese cedar with two Thulfiqar swords (the sword of Imam Ali, the Shi’ite’s most sacred person after the Prophet), with the words in Arabic reading, “Jumhuriyyat al-Dahyeh”. This translates into “The Republic of Dahyeh” The word Dahyeh literally means Suburbs. In Lebanon, it is a reference to the Beirut Southern Suburbs.

The picture speaks for itself. As they say, a picture contains a thousand words, and this one contains a thousand synonyms for forgery, deception, hate and provocation. A rusted, busted moped will unlikely have such a shiny and brand-new looking number-plate. It is called a number-plate to have a number on it not an insignia. The photo has been clearly PhotoShoped and toyed around with.

One question that pops up in my head as soon as I see stuff like this is: Why? What benefit do you get from it? A bit of a laugh? Why are you messing with the Shi’ites when they’re leaving you alone. Don’t forget they’re boiling in anger and armed to the teeth with some of the best trained, most organised, experienced and relentless fighters in the Middle East. Certainly the strongest Guerilla force in the world and undoubtedly stronger than some national armies (such as, um, the Lebanese Army?)

This is the photo:





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16 01 2008

They are leaving us alone??? Get real buddy. They have occupied downtown Beirut and paralized the country. Other than that they are OK…

16 01 2008

if this pic is true and not forged, then we will have to work more and more on having a better national education. now we have nothing, and hoping to have something once things start to pick up in lebanon, i do not know if this will ever happen. however, this does not make them any less or more lebanese.

they do not want to leave anyone alone, similar to any other party or sect in lebanon, they want to participate in the decision in the country,

i agree that they have a very good army, however, i still believe that thier weapons will not be used against other lebanese. we might have different openions on this, but even the isreali’s believe that SHN is a guy to sticks to his words, and he assured that the weapons of HA will not be used for any internal conflicts.

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