16 01 2008

He is a legend. A true rebellion. An anarchistic graffiti artist on a loose around the world. From the streets of London, to the Middle East and into the houses Bradjelina (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt). It is the renounced and mysterious Banksy.

I would like to dedicate this post to him. Featuring some of his work with a bit of commentating of my own.

070514_banksy01_p3231.jpg The wall of separation or the wall of Paradise? Some Palestinians thought Banksy made the wall beautiful with the graffiti he made on it. But they did not want it to look beautiful because they were supposed to hate it!

bristol_banksy.jpg centrepointtag.jpg copgirl3.jpg  flower01.jpg  godgettingbusted.jpg

justus.jpg  kissingcoppers3.jpg  media.jpg  mostthings2.gif  rocket-launcher.jpg

saleend.gif  sniperbris.jpg  soldierbeth01.jpg  smiley.jpg




4 responses

16 01 2008
Amir in Tel Aviv

Well, I think that what you wrote is totally and absolutely… Haa, Hmmm Khrrr…
The rest of this comment will be completed soon. I am too sleepy. Need sleep.
Khrrrrrrrrrrr Khrrrrrrrrrrr

16 01 2008

Now your comment on ‘our’ blog is deleted too!

Free speech does not live at this site.
Freedom of the mind doesn’t as well.

Continuing to do the same thing expecting different results IS the definition of insanity.

16 01 2008

I don’t believe I deleted anyone’s comments. But unless trolls start giving back informed and topic-related opinions, then you will be treated with accordingly!

I don’t really like junkies and giving some people a break to feed me back with their opinions, not trash.

24 01 2008
Zouzi Daoud

Yeah I love banksy!
I study him in Art.

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