The US Elections

12 01 2008


I must admit, there is no escaping the charade called ‘US Elections’. It’s importance makes you sad when you realise the irony in that the candidates standing for the ‘Most Powerful Person’ job, are the most racist, extremist, dumb and/or ignorant among their faction or party.

Never the less, it is a very entertaining occurrence. Once every 3 or 4 years, in the run-up to the elections, you get to witness candidates from all the spectrum: the desperate (Guilliany), the old (McCain), the odd (Romney) and so on. There are two exceptions this year. They are, ofcourse, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.

I think I am being unfair when I call Guilliany the desperate one. Maybe he fits the Rhetoric one. I mean, in some speeches he says the words Terror, 9/11 and Islamist/Fundamentals almost in every sentence, before every full stop and after every comma. He can’t stop it. When Clinton shed a tear (or two – it depends who counted), I was struck by the slyness of US politics in that people will do anything to rise into office – even if that means they make themselves look like wimps.

Obama, on the other side, is inspirational and truly worthy of the leadership post. While Clinton attacks him, he calls for unity. While Clinton sheds her crocodile tears, Obama is inspiring people with his incredibly inspiring and charismatically-said speeches. While Clinton is copying Obama’s message for change (even though she undoubtedly represents the status quo, Obama is busy thinking up new ingenuities to attract the masses and their votes.

By now you have probably guessed where my allegiance lays in this battle. Although, I have to come to terms with reality. Obama, working up the hard way, will fall. Meanwhile,Clinton will fox and cry and copy her way through to the office the easy, cheaters way. I will not give my reasons for this opinion, but lets just say having common sense on foreign policy means your demise after your slight rise.

It really is a shame. The winning candidate will lead the whole world – both free and totalitarian – and decide the fate and course of our little blue marble.




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