Hezbollah’s Failures

12 01 2008

Many would argue that Hezbollah has brought revolutions on two fronts; guerrilla warfare and the political party in the Arab world. One revolution I believe tops both is the way they revolutionised the outlook on Arab and Islamic mentality in the Middle East. You just need to compare the likes of the Taliban and AlQaeda to Hezbollah and you will notice the striking difference.

The biggest failure I believe has been their inability to express these accomplishments to the outside word, especially the non-Arab/Muslim world and specifically the Western world.


A foreigner need only hear the organisations name, Hezbollah, to be instantly erred away from their principles and certainly wouldn’t associate with them when they hear the fake rhetoric of their ambitiouns for an Islamic ‘mini-Iran’ Lebanese State. Hezbollah has transformed and have grown out of their fundamentalist past into a more flexible, lenient and exceptionally modern Islamic principle. Hezbollah will not elevate into the iconic, worldwide symbol it hopes to become and its logical principles and messages will not be loud enough to be heard clearly anywhere outside Lebanon and certainly not outside the Arab world. They could start mending this major flaw by officially declaring a new party platform (manifesto, declaration, party constitution etc).

Another failure which is indirectly related to the one mentioned above is their nontransparent and secretive system as well as their inability to grasp the modern-age methods of media and communication. With growing mistrust of the Hezbollah as an organisation among even fellow Lebanese and the growing frustration of Westerners with Islamist groups involved in some of the most disgusting and gruesome terrorist tactics, Hezbollah’s total secrecy does not serve it well – especially in an era of media attention on the organisation after the Second Lebanon War (which is rarely positive in nature).

Hezbollah needs to fix this problem by recognising the growing impact of the blogosphere, podcasting and the internet in general. They also need to be more open and transparent in their social activities. Making regular announcements on their activities across Lebanon and providing updates on their regular campaigns could be a way forward in these respects.

Finally, I believe no source, no country, no politician, no organisation, not even a human being could be credible if they did not grasp any critical skills. Hezbollah’s continuous attacks on America’s hypocritical approach on foreign affairs, especially the Middle East and Israel, comes at a cost of Hezbollah’s credibility. This is the case due to the fact that not a single critical word has been uttered by any of the organisations many officials concerning Iran and Syria in any matter or aspect. Hezbollah needs to stop embarrassing their many loyal supporters and champions by making ludicrous public comments when it comes to Syria and Iran – especially when it comes to the mullahs and the ‘Supreme Leader’ in Iran.

To conclude, Hezbollah can stop embarrassing itself and its associates by first and foremost disassociating themselves form the vile Arab regimes in the region. I propose they underline the difference between their system, principle, ideology and aims to that of the ‘moderate’ Arab allies of the West. I will be the first to talk on their behalf, asking who cuts more hands and lashes rape victims – Saudi Arabia or Hezbollah?



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