We are all Atheists!

1 10 2007

A Philosopher once gave this theory; There is a teapot in space orbiting around the Earth, science can not disprove that the teapot exists because it is too small to be spotted by the current telescopes we use. This does not mean that we believe in the teapot, or pray to it and hold rituals or sacrifices to honour it. In effect we are all teapot atheists.

Religious bigots go on about how God is too great and therefore can not be discovered by science. If science can not disprove God, it does not mean he exists. Just like the teapot theory, he does not need to be ‘too great’ to be found, he can just be too unrealistic – he can be an imagination thought up by a random, uneducated and primitive ancestor long ago. Although psycological and biological science have today found God – in the form of a thought or delusion.

All of us are Atheist to most Gods. The Muslims believe in just one God, Allah, and dismiss all the other thousands of Gods – including the Greek Gods, Jesus the Lord, Pagan Gods, Chinese Gods, Hindu Gods, African Gods and so on. Christians believe in the Trinity, which in essence is one God with three charecteristics – but are Atheist to all other Gods. So are the Jews and so on. The difference between Atheists and these religious apologists is that we go one God further. Hardly seems irrational.




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