The Democratic and the Presidency

24 09 2007

“March 14 leaders remain wary of him (Michel Suleiman – Army General), partly because he did not order troops to suppress anti-government street protests.”

This is the description given by a pro-government news site of why the pro-US-backed government (ruled by March 14) is wary of the Army’s general and his attempt at the Presidency.

These are the ‘democratic’ leaders the West is supporting. Whenever I read about Lebanon and these hypocrits are in power, I think i’m reading about democracy in Pakistan.



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28 09 2007
Speak The Truth

Personally I am ‘wary’ of the Army Cheif’s “attempt at the Presidency” as you put it because unless he is accepted as a concensus candidate or voted for by a two-thirds majority he has NO LEGAL BASIS for becoming President!

Being appointed by Lahoud is NOT a legal method for electing the next President of Lebanon.

Was there a gramatical error by you or was it a slip up where you gave away something that many March14 supporters suspected, that Suleiman would like accept if Lahoud apointed him as President(illegaly)?

16 01 2008

Did you not read the word hypocrites at the end? I mean both the illegal government and Suleimans illegal nomination – supported by both camps.

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