Religion – way of rule!

23 09 2007

What better way to think of consolidating your rule than to make a religion to scare everyone into submission! The Egyptians and Greek did it before us, then why is it not surprising that they would’ve done it 2 thousand years ago, if humans did it more than 6 thousand years ago!

Religion scares the crap out of its subjects to force them into doing what it tells you to do. Before religion, lying and stealing as well as rape were morally wrong. Religion did not introduce this concept for us, it was already there. What religion does though, is scare you into becoming moral. Whereas non-believers are moral because that is what is right – even though they are not rewarded for it.

A great philosopher once asked a religious man whether he is religious to avoid hell or to get into heaven. The religious man quiet predictably said both. When asked the same question back, he said he was moral because it is the right thing to do. The philosopher went on to claim that the biggest type of moral corruption is to avoid being immoral in fear of punishment and being moral in return for something.

Why does religion have to force people into being moral when the absence of religion quiet rightly portrays that one could be moral and perform moral deeds for no prize what so ever.

In fact, a study in South America (home of the far-right and Christianity – home of racism too) showed that there were more crimes in South American cities than their more Liberal counter-parts in less religious cities.

Indeed, holy wars and Bush’s crusade which, he claims, had been ordered to him by God himself (in a dream ofcourse) have been morally contradictive and disrupting and destructive than any other crimes any Atheist and non-believing leader or certainly individuals could have committed.

Muslims blowing up the Twin Towers in America and civilians in Iraq, Christian leaders in western countries killing millions of civilians throughout time, Nazi Cult bringing about the death of 30million people and other crusades and holy wars have killed half the current population residing on Earth today.



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