I don’t get it

19 09 2007

Why do attacks against occupying, aggressing or invading military soldiers end up being called terrorist attacks?

In 1983, when the US marines were present on Lebanese territory, they were bombed with a suicide-truck killing 241 marines and injuring practically every single other survivor present on the barracks.

These Marines were ordered to come into Lebanon, alongside the French and Italian militaries, to serve as peacekeeping force at a time of full-out civil war and an Israeli invasion.

What happened was the opposite of peacekeeping. The French started helping their fellow Maronite Christians in battling the muslims and druze, while the US helped its bretherin (who other than) Israelis in battling the Muslims, Druze and Palestinians.

What used to be a peace-keeping force, had effectively become an occupying and agressing one because of its participation in fuelling rather than stopping the war. It has also served them right. When the Second Lebanon War ended in August, Rice was asked if the US will participate in the peacekeeping force in South Lebanon. She obviously said no, when asked why, she said because of the ‘history’ of the US military in Lebanon.

A US federal court on September 7, 2007 ordered Iran to pay 2.65 billion dollars to the families of 241 soldiers killed in the 1983 bombing. Judge Royce C.Lamberth said “it was beyond question that the truck bombing was carried out by the terrorist group Hezbollah with the help of senior Iranian officials.” This was said even though there were no delegations or lawyers representing the defendants in court – and ofcourse without investigating the attacks in which the US ‘Peacekeeping’ force participated in.



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