A Disfigured Land

19 09 2007

Imagine this scenario:

Haifa, Israel’s third largest city. This city is now besieged by Palestinian fighters whom routinely undertake fly-overs of this piece of land of 1.4 million Israeli civilians. Settlements are being forces all over this city and declared Muslim-only settlements, with Muslim-only roads and highways to connect the to other settlement on the same piece of land and to the mainland – called Palestine.

This city of Haifa held it’s first democratic elections in many years. They elected an extremist Haredim group who called for Liberation from the Palestinians, and ultimately the destruction of the Palestinian state – replacing it with an Israeli one. The Palestinians do not take keenly on this group and therefore arrest half of their ministers in government and MP’s in Parliament. From there, they destroy everything belonging to this group systematically and regardless of what and who is in those structures. When Iran – the Palestinian country sponsor and ally – is asked why this is taking place, their reply is simply because the Israelis had voted the wrong way and need to vote for someone else.

Economics, social and financial boycotts on an international level follow with regular Palestinian onslaughts and massacres of Israeli civilians. The Haredim group responds with a few home-made rocket attacks which cause the Palestinian state in all its years of existence 23 casualties. Whereas every single attack by the Palestinians kills no less than 20 Israeli civilians – and are never condemned for it. Iran keeps on saying they are defending themselves and therefore they are acting legitimately.

Furthermore, a wall separates them from mainland – and in some instances cuts into their legitimate territory – their skies are a no-go zone except for the Palestinian Air Force, their seas are also cut off from the outside world and regularly hold Palestinian Warships whom shell civilian families on the beach and call it a technical fault. No condemnation follows.

Then, because the Haredim group has total power and all Haifans only want this political and militant group in their city to resist the Palestinians, the Palestinian government calls this territory a ‘hostile entity’ even though beforehand the Palestinian killed an average of 5 Israeli civilians and 2 militants per day. This new status is then treated with economic sanctions against the people in n effort to collectively punish them for harboring such a group. The consequence is no electricity.

Would the world sit and watch as this happens?

It’s happening in Gaza right now.

PS: Israel has already destroyed the Palestinian state from before and are denying it existence today. Even though the Muslim majority and Jewish minority and the Palestinian state lived in harmony when it existed.



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