God – the Ultimate stinker!

18 09 2007

God, Yehwa, Allah. These are the common names attributed to the mighty and higher being. He is believed to be the perfect of all perfects. The ultimate power. The ultimate mercy. The ultimate goodness.

What you don’t hear from religious croonies about God is the rest of the equation of perfection. If God is the perfect form of anything and everything – such as goodness, forgiveness, glamour and beauty – why is he not the ultimate evil as well?

This may sound weird or confusing. The theory goes that everything that exists in this world must have a perfect form in order to be compared to. This is like saying Person A is a good person, but Person B is better. The measurement metre that anything is to be compared with must have an ultimate. Ofcourse, this gap is filled with ‘God’. So, if this is the case then the following is also true; If i haven’t had a shower for many days and reak of a great bio-stink, then there must be an ultimate stinker to compare to – that ultimate stinker  – according to the theory presented to us by religious apologists – God should be that ultimate and perfect stink. He must also be the ultimate evil. The ultimate selfishness.

Hardly something inspiring in that.

Signed: The Perfect Contradiction




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