Did you Know?

6 04 2007

Did you know that the whole Golany Infantry Brigade, with up to 3/4 units is actually made out of people being absorbed by the Israeli military from a young age to become fighters. These mostly tend to be rejected children or orphans. This information may seem really bizzare and irrelevant, but if you think about it, if these 3 or 4 units were to be massacred and annihalated from existance, nobody would notice because there is no family to claim they have someone who had actually died! The government will hide their deaths unnoticed and un questioned. OK



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12 04 2007
Don Cox

I looked on several sites and could find no mention of this story. I think you made it up.

If not, do you have a link to a reliable source? An Israeli source would be best.

13 04 2007

YUP. I have many contacts who live in Israel, and even some family who used to live there before they came to London a few months ago. Some stuff, such as the fact that Stalin was a Jew, can’t be found in Wikipedia or google search, with all respect to the Jewish religion and those search engines/encyclopedias.

I could pretty much tell you nearly everything going on in the Israeli street if you asked me. I’ll give you some examples. Did you know Israel is building some of the biggest bunkers in the world right now? They are set to be complete by the next summer. When i say big, i mean massive. You go their and think they are building a football stadium. Now, do you really think they are their for show? Also, do you think such infrastructure is their to deter KATYUSHAS?

One more? Every single person fit for reserve is now being given extensive training, especially people from the Arabic speaking Druze community and the persian Jews. Now tell me, doesn’t the combination of what i just told you alarm you a little?

18 05 2007
Brian H

Sounds great! Hope it all goes as planned.

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