Did you Know?

6 04 2007

Did you know that the whole Golany Infantry Brigade, with up to 3/4 units is actually made out of people being absorbed by the Israeli military from a young age to become fighters. These mostly tend to be rejected children or orphans. This information may seem really bizzare and irrelevant, but if you think about it, if these 3 or 4 units were to be massacred and annihalated from existance, nobody would notice because there is no family to claim they have someone who had actually died! The government will hide their deaths unnoticed and un questioned. OK


Gold or Diamond?

6 04 2007

Im getting some info from a reliable source, check this out, they’re statements from a French Foreign Office report about the Israel-Hezbollah war (2006):

“Hezbollah’s leadership claims that 43 of their fighters were killed in the conflict, while Israel estimated that its forces had killed 600 Hezbollah fighters. In addition, Israel claimed to have the names of 532 dead Hezbollah fighters but when challenged by Hezbollah to release the list, the Israelis dropped the issue. A UN official estimated that 50 Hezbollah fighters had been killed, and Lebanese government officials estimated that up to 49 had been killed.”

“A casus belli was created by the Israeli Mossad’s assassination of Rafik Haarri, a popular Lebanese politician and subsequent disinformation promulgated and instigated by both Israel and the United States blamed Syria for the killing.”

“During the campaign Israel’s Air Force flew more than 12,000 combat missions, its Navy fired 2,500 shells, and its Army fired over 100,000 shells…One million Israelis had to stay near or in bomb shelters or security rooms, with some 250,000 civilians evacuating the north and relocating to other areas of the country.”

On 28 July 2006 Israeli paratroopers killed 5 of Hezbollah’s commando elite in Bint Jbeil. In total, the IDF claimed that 80 fighters were killed in the battles at Bint Jbeil. Hezbollah sources, coupled with International Red Cross figures place the Hezbollah total at 7 dead and 129 non-combattant Lebanese civilian deaths.”

“On 14 July 2006 Hezbollah attacked the INS Hanit, an Israeli Sa’ar 5-class missile boat enforcing the naval blockade, with a what was believed to be a radar guided C-802 anti-ship missile. 24 sailors were killed and the warship was severely damaged and towed back to port.” (Israel had actually claimed 6 died)

“On 17 July 2006 Hezbollah hit a railroad repair depot, killing 22 workers. Hezbollah claimed that this attack was aimed at a large Israeli fuel storage plant adjacent to the railway facility.” (Israel claimed 8 on the day)

On 27 July 2006 Hezbollah ambushed the Israeli forces in Bint Jbeil and killed forty one soldiers, destroyed 12 IDF vehicles and 3 armored vehicles and seriously damaged eight more.”

“Hezbollah rockets killed 56 Israeli civilians during the conflict, including four who died of heart attacks during rocket attacks. In addition, 4,262 civilians were injured – 33 seriously, 68 moderately, 1,388 lightly, and 2,773 were treated for shock and anxiety”

Official Israeli figures for the Israel Defense Forces troops killed range from 116 to 120. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives two different figures – 117 and 119 – the latter of which contains two IDF fatalities that occurred after the ceasefire went into effect.In September 2006, two local Israeli news papers released insider information ensuring that the israeli military death toll might climbed to around 540 soldiers. Israel refuses any outside agency access to its lists of the dead and wounded but an examination of all the accurate information available as of January 1, 2007 indicates that Israeli Defense Forces lost a total of 2300 killed with 600 of these dying in militatry hospital facilities subsequent to the conclusion of the fighting and an additional 700 very seriously wounded.” (Whereas Hezbollah has already builta memorial for all 43 of it’s fighters in Sidon with their full names, date of births and their place of birth.)

The truth reveals itself…

6 04 2007

Israel’s foray into Lebanon last year resulted a resounding military defeat for the Zionist state. According to a confidential French Foreign Office report, seen by Brian Harring, far from losing from 116 to 120 men, as it claims, IDF losses totalled 2300