The P.O.V.

24 03 2007

This article is concerning different point of views of different people of how the Lebanon crises, or Lebanon-Israel war, could be resolved.

“Democracy in Lebanon”

Democracy, for all Lebanese, including Hezbollah supporters andmembers, is a need and want. Once we, as Lebanese, sell our democracy we also sell our dignity because we will have to be herded like a pack of sheep under a rule of a dictator. Not a single Lebanese would accept this. Especially after all the sacrifices made by the people of this nation, including Hezbollah.

“Disarmament of Hezbollah”

This is an interesting point. People tend to always ask the question, why doesn’t Hezbollah respect Lebanese sovereignty and just disarm. Lebanon’s sovereignty is not at all being deterred because of a number of formal and official agreements and pacts signed by the government and Hezbollah, claiming their resistance and weapons as legitimate. I always think to myself and question why they don’t ask, if Hezbollah disarms, what then? Most of the population wants the weapons because they defend the country, they want the fighters because they are brave, strong as well as very very experienced.

I say this without exaggeration. IDF personnel have in-fact personally confirmed these claims. In fact, the Hezbollah commandos are now being called by strategic, political and military analysts as being the best in the region, or at least at the same level of that of the Golani Brigade/Elites, the highest trained Commando Special Forces in Israel and certainly in the region, whom were dealt with the heaviest blows during and throughout the war.

Lebanon is therefore left weak and defenseless against the Israelis, the Syrians, the Palestinians, Americans, Saudis etc. Hizbollah is the only defense shield Lebanon can wear. To try throw it away or give it up is a real shame and a massive blow to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Hezbollah’s disappearance will see all leverages tilting in Israel’s favour. Hezbollah is not a random militia, it is not a disorganised gang of bandits or rebels. Hezbollah is a highly trained, highly experienced, highly motivated, highly determined, highly sophisticated, highly disciplined, highly moralled, highly organised, highly educated mini-army that has been able to provide results – positive one’s.

A recent report revealed that Hezbollah had actually stopped four seperate attacks by Palestinian groups from attacking Israel since 2002 by stopping the militants, arresting them and handing them over to the Lebanese authorities. This mere fact, which was admitted by the Palestinian groups’ leaderships, proves wrong all critics who’s ideology concerning Hezbollah is that they are a gang of ruthless and unprincipled terrorists who show no respect to laws of engagement or conflict. Just by stopping these types of random attacks on Israel, they are respecting at worst of times at least the Lebanese law, which only legitimises Hezbollah as the sole resistant force and the sole armed group with any authority outside of the army.

I know some people may be angered by what i say next, but please allow me to do so. In the Ghajjar operation of 2005 where Hezbollah tried, and failed, it’s main objective of capturing Israeli soldiers in the Sheba village of Ghajjar. Not a squeak of governmental, or international condemnation of the six hour battle surfaced. It rather went on unnoticed, even though it was a tense escalation regarding Israel’s response, and Hezbollah’s’s constant counter-response. Though, in July’s successful operation, where Israel lost less soldiers than it did in the Ghajjar operation (in the Ghajjar, 5 IDF soldiers were killed, in the July kidnappings, 3 Israeli soldiers were killed and two were kidnapped – no-one knows their fate), Israel launching an extensive war, the international community and governments, including Arab, EU and western governments condemned and criticised the operation. The Israeli PM calling it an act of war, Lebanon’s 14th March alliance going as far as calling it Syrian-Iranian hegemony attempt, terrorist attack and an attack on both Lebanese and Israeli sovereignty.

As for me, i read this as if the world community, well most of them, were inferring that Israels values concerning anything are more valuable than any Arab ones. Israel kidnapped half the Palestinian cabinet, no-one said anything. Hezbollah kidnaps soldiers, and the world is furious. This is because the world was in on this, including, unfortunately, the Lebanese government.

Lebanon would be exposed to every power and every traitor in the Arab world if Hezbollah was to be vanquished. Even Al-Qaida would find it easy to infiltrate the power-vacuum that would be left if Hezbollah was to be dismantled and disbanded. Another thing. Why does it always have to be the Muslim/Arab side that has to disarm or put-em-up? Why don’t we disarm the IDF instead? Yes, it sounds funny doesn’t it? It would also sound funny to the majority of Lebanese when you tell them that Hezbollah would have to be disarmed without providing a replacement.

If Lebanon actually had a strong army, this could all well have been solved a very long time ago. The threat of attack on Lebanon and Hezbollah is higher than ever. Lebanon has never since 1978 ever fired a single bullet with commands from the Army ranks towards Israel, despite being targetted in every battle and conflict throughout this war. The UNIFIL likewise. Does any sane man really believe that if Hezbollah was to be disarmed and dismantled, Israel would leave us alone to live happily ever after? I can think of multiple problems after that. Hezbollah leadership could be targetted and assasinated indirectly i.e. car bombs, or road-side bombs placed and operated by Israeli agents in Lebanon.

No-one could indirectly blame Israel for it, even though it is entirely and solely responsible. Lebanon would file a dumb report to the UN, that’s highly likely to be shredded before it gets to the office of the subject in the letter. Ever more unpredictably, but possible, is that Lebanese Shia’s would arm themselves (maybe even Shia army soldiers?) and fight the Israelis irregularly in small, independent groups.

This would be a catastrophy because it is much harder to contain these types of groups, much harder to distinguish them, much harder to contain them and so on. The shia Lebanese in the army might respond in defiance or response on behalf of Hezbollah, which is a really big catastrophe, because it would give Israel the pretext of a nation vs. nation war. My point is that there would be no-one to stop Israel from carrying out what it wants to, and no-one to respond or punish it when it steers off course.

Another scenario i can think of if Hezbollah was to be disarmed is that the Israelis will make some kind of false reports of some kind of terrorist Al-Qaida/Palestinian build up on it’s northern border and get some corrupt christian in Lebanon to say that Lebanon needs Israels help in front of a press conference. Maybe some kind of a sting operation is held where the Palestinians retaliate, giving the Israelis a pretext of invading Lebanon.

Some of you may think, well, if Hizbollah is gone and the PLO is gone, why would Israel need to invade Lebanon? It’s proven to be a waste of time, money, blood and popularity.

I can answer this. I assure you i’m not as vague as to say, Israel will do this to build an empire of Greater Israel. Whether this is true or not, I keep away from conspiracy-linked ideas. I will give a smaller and simpler scenario which everyone can identify with. You now live in a small but overwhelmingly cramped district where street gangs control everything. The district is cut up into areas, where each area is controlled by one gang. You are part of the largest gang that controls half the district.

One of the gangs one day is liquidated and neutralised. They leave of a piece of land right next door to you. You know there will be a poer race with all these minor and small gangs to gain hold of that area, would you as the leading all-powerful gang member allow this to happen? Knowing that if an enemy gang takes that area, it’s going to be the battle ground you will have to fight against and where the enemy gang will fight from. You will simply just take over it and relinquish yourself of any concern. No-one is able to contest you any-more with that land.

Apply this scenario with what would happen if Hezbollah is dismantled. The south would be neutralised. Al-qaida, Palestinians, Sunnis, Shia’s, Syrians, the Lebanese Army and possibly Christians might contest in the power-struggle for that land and power vacuum. Israel does not like to be patient or place bets on anyone merely because it doesn’t trust anyone – and it hardly trusts itself. They would invade Lebanon, make a southern security zone vacant of any civilian population and used as one big army base to contest any invasion from the north. It would practice all influence and hegemony on the Lebanese nation and place a puppet government that would carry out its masters’ wishe, as was done in 1982. The only difference being there will be no resistance to resist the Israelis’ efforts if this is done this time round.

So, for once let us try a change, or ‘re-direction’ [sic], and let us take the disarmament campaign to the IDF, disarm them and difference in the Middle East is guaranteed. Every single resistant group in the area will crumble simply because there is nothing to resist anymore. They would loose their credibility if they tried to carry on holding their weapons for the simple fact that their will be no-one to combat anymore. The population will rise against the resistance – if the population doesn’t support a resistance, then its bound to be self-destructive, or demise before all aspects of support fade away.

Skeptics will counter my argument by saying that Israel will be systematically attacked if such a program was executed. A brief visit to a history archive, and anyone will find that the very concept of deceptive and pre-emptive attacks in warfare against friend or foe was invented by the Israelis. I say friend because no-one can forget when the IAF (Israeli Air Force) attacked a US warship off the Mediterranean coast to blame the Egyptians for it and draw the US forces in to help them in their war.

The all-time classic of a pre-emptive attack was the six-day war where Israel invaded Egypt, had IDF troops fire on each other in the Golan Hights in order to draw Syria in and systematically fought Jordan, claiming it was helping the other two out. In the Lebanon 1982, the reason why Israel invaded Lebanon was because ‘terrorists’ had a go at assasinating the Israeli ambassador to Britain in London, but failed. It was later revealed from declassified British secrets that it was Shin Bet (Israels security agent) and the Mosad (equivalent to FBI and CIA) were the ones behind the attempt, and not “Palestinian terrorists”.

“Disarmament of Palestinian militias.”

Without doubt, these militias must be disarmed sooner than later. Though, to just say this without drawing up a solution is ludicrous, because who will protect these people? In every single invasion of Lebanon, the Palestinians are taking considerable blows. Therefore, you must have some kind of security force that protects them, not a UNIFIL that only records how many times they gt hit and do nothing, and not the Lebanese Army that either runs away or files an unnoticed complaint to the UN. They need a real and functioning military force that is trained and organised enough to combat any invaders, not simply stand by idly recording and complaining to an organisation that simply doesn’t give a toss about any of them.

In the past, we had a disarmed Sabra and Chatilla. The whole world saw what happened next but no-one sent a single bullet to help them. All they did was shout a little bit, release condemnation statements, get a little hysterical about it on the media then get back to their buffet tables to finish off their red wine. If this crime which cost the lives of 2000-3000 Palestinian civilian lives, conducted by a force of coalition between Lebanese Forces and the Phalanges – covered, planned and organised – by the IDF, was to happen is an Israeli settlement under the supervision of any Arab army, what would have happened?

Talking about settlements I would like to bring up something here. Everyone agrees that the Palestinians in any Arab country – including in their own – have been harmed by wars than any other population in any settlement in Israel. The number of massacres in Palestinian camps has by far surpassed any dreadful massacre to ever have taken place in any settlement. So why does the world rally against the Palestinians owning any kind of weapons, which have always been used in self-defence, but sallow the settlers living in illegal Israeli settlements to own them and only use them for personal aggression and terrorist attacks against Palestinian farmers, citizens, labourers, fishers and boat-keepers?

The settlers have never been exposed to any type of massacres as huge as Sabra and Shatila in their history, but if you believe they face a risk of attack from an enemy faction or state, then surely the Palistinians have to be granted the same privalage. That is unless they, both refugees and citizens, are less worthy of protection and security?

Finally, i would like to mention that no-one should forget that the Israeli Entity has the most powerful and technologically advanced army in the Middle-East, and the fourth mightiest in the world. The world still sees it necessary that Settlers need UZI’s, Sub-Machine guns and Assault Weapons to protect themselves, while the Palestinians who have no real army are not allowed to carry anything more dangerous than a knife – I wouldn’t even be surprised if their kitchen knives have to be replaced by wooden ones in the future because they would pose a some kind of danger to Israelis!

“Israel hands the Shebba Farms to the United Nations.”

This seems like a good start for the Lebanese to claim their lands back, but their are flaws. What happens to this land afterwards? Who claims them after they are under the United Nations’ authority? Do we play a poker match to see who gets to keep it? I’ll stop being cynical as soon as anyone here convinces me that the United Nations buffer zone in the south prior the year 2000 has ever worked. Has the UN ever succeeded in returning so much as a speck of Lebanese gravel from Israel? Hasn’t authority over occupyed land been given to the UN before? In south Lebanon the UN was given a buffer zone parllel to the Israeli occupation, was the UN responsible for returning southern Lebanon from Israel to the Lebanese? Or was that done by the resistance?

OK, I will go with the tide and accept the Sheb’a Farms being given to the UN, but what about Kfar Chouba? What about the ‘7 villages’ occupied since 1948? (Hizbollah, PLO, Fat’h, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al-Qaida didn’t exist, in or out of Lebanon in 1948, why was Lebanon attacked and occupied?) The formulae of handing authority of occupied lands to the UN is a suggestion, not a solution. It has never served a solution and never will do untill the US releases its grip over the UN. I say this because it is like saying football team ‘A’ needs better defense. OK, we know it needs better defense but how they get that defense better, is what needs to be solved, i.e. you say we kick this defender out and replace him with that one, who is better and more experienced. GET IT?

“A peace treaty with Israel, so that Israel never invades Lebanon ever again.”

This would be insulting to, and refused by, 99.9% of all Lebanese. This was the case back in 1983/84, under the Israeli (forcefully) made government, which tried to sign an armistice, and peace treaty, while the Israeli IDF occupied 75% of Lebanon, including its capital Beirut, the first Arab capital to be captured by the IDF. An intifada-like riot/protest started all over Lebanon and therefore had to be forcibly cancelled. Therefore, any treaties or pacts are going to be strictly against the will of the Lebanese and an insult to the martyrs who have fought Israel for the freedom of their country, friends and families. Once Israel becomes peaceful, fair and just, we will have no problem negotiating anything with them. But to negotiate a peace treaty with an inhuman enemy state that uses the Holocaust to justify everything they do, even massacres, while pretending to be angels sent from above who have only been terrorised and bullied throughout their existance. I will not serach into history or into controvercial issues to prove any of my points because this is besides the point, but for Olmert to have the audacity to justify his invasion of Lebanon by using the Holocaust as a pretext, or to justify the horrific Qana II Massacre which killed 50 people, 28 of whom were children, by using the Holocaust instead of muttering any words of regret or apology to the lost lives. Some of whom had died for the sole reason of being unfortunate enough to be Lebanese before they even knew they were. The people of Lebanon will not shake the hand of a deceptive enmy who will be using the other hand to kill even more Arabs.

No foreign interference from Syria, Iran, the United States, Saudi Arabia, or Israel.”

Well, who wants foreign interference in Lebanon? (Question directed to Lebanese) but once we have a weak country, especially if Hezbollah was disarmed, obviously everyone will be interfering. Once the Lebanese state is strong and powerful, no-one will get involved – read the scenario I set if Hizbollah was to be disarmed.

To conclude and sum up everything, I would like to have a last comment to every Lebanese, or anyone interested. The world does not revolve around this country. I know it is a beautiful country which is inhabited by the most beautiful women and has the most beautiful food and drinks, but believe me the world is too big to revolve around Lebanon. Not even the Middle-East revolves around Lebanon. Think of Lebanon as a pretext. Its a spike on the road. Whenever anyone wants to interfere in something regionally, or even in Lebanon, they will use the events in that country to justify their actions. Publicly they say they do this or that for Lebanon, but privately they really don’t give two hummus beans about it. Don’t let anyone interfere in your country.

Your people are known to be the most pride, hospitable and kind people – at the same time the fiercest in battle because you all care about your dignity. Keep it that way. Never bow down to the so called international community that has never done anything for you.All these regional powers see Lebanon as a cigarette. They use it and love it when they are, but as soon as Lebanon shows them it’s butt – or Lebanon is of no use anymore – they will throw it onto the floor and step on it.




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28 09 2007
Speak The Truth

“Lebanon’s sovereignty is not at all being deterred because of a number of formal and official agreements and pacts signed by the government and Hezbollah, claiming their resistance and weapons as legitimate.”

If you are claiming that there are/were any agreements between any Government of Lebanon and Hizballah on paper concerning Hizballah having an ‘official’ armed status please provide documentary evidence to back up your claims.

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