Nasrallah’s Honesty

24 03 2007

I just want to note my opinion. Firstly, I want to recall the time when Olmert visited the North to re-assure them that rocket fire will be stopped, after Hassan Nasrallah claimed that it will not halt its rocket-attacks unless Israel stopped attacking civilian infrastructure. The people of the North, including the mayor of Kiryat Shmona, said that they believe Hassan Nasrallah more than any figure from the Israeli Leadership.

A few days back, Olmert claimed that this war had been prepared since March 2006. This coincides with the time he was elected as Prime Minister – for the first time. Hassan Nasrallah told the whole world that the israeli leadership was preparing for war for a while now, but was ignored.

If you read the leaked document (concerning preperations for war), you would notice that Olmert also made some suggestions about how he acted upon what Ariel Sharon had planned out before, therefore making hints that even Sharon was preparing for the war way before Olmerts succession as PM.

Here, all the skeptics who listened to Nasrallah and investigated the claims that the war had been prepared for a while have scored a point, and so has Nasrallah’s honesty.

Then, I still remember to this day reading the english subtitles of one of his speeches around 10 days after he gave it. Nasrallah appeared on TV and gave a speech in which he made a comment used for 1300 years – he said this to the Israeli leadership and to Bush at a second degree :- ‘your days are only counted, and your friends are not infinite, gather all the people and all your stregth, because I swear you will never wipe us from history.’

This was said by Al-Zahra after the Kerbala battle in which the historical Muslim icon, Imam Hussain was killed. Hassan Nasrallah got everything right in this small statement. The days of Halutz have ended since a month or two, Olmert and Peretz, the former with 2% popularity and the latter with only 1%, are sure to leave very soon. It’s only a matter of time.

The Israeli’s tried to gather their strength and people around them to try win this war, from the international stand against Hizbollah, even within Arab countries’ leaderships whom in the past bragged that Nasrallah was “our son whom for him we serve anything”, to the financial and military aid that had been provided by the US throuh western countries. Nasrallah made an important point yesterday. He said the battle is not just what happens at the time of the conflict, it’s what happened before, during and after. Before the war, the Arab regimes had a positive view concerning Hizbollah. During the war, it flipped in an hour making the Arab regimes the fiercest of critics, condemning the resistance for “miscalculated adventures”. Immediately after the war and after the embaressing results (for the israelis and the so-called ‘International Community’), they are still confused on where they should stand. Some have even tried their own propaganda campaign to flip the benfits of this first Arab victory and claim it for themselves!

Hassan Nasrallah told the Arab regimes yesterday that he has no hope of them what so ever. He asked them of one favour, which was to leave them alone and not get involved on neither sides. For Hassan Nasrallah, the Arab Regimes standing idly by without taking any action favouring any side would be considered accptable by his party. This is how low the expectations of the Arab World has become.

Back to the catch-phrase Hassan Nasrallah used. He also mentions that Israels friends are not infinite. In the sense of this sentence literarily it’s true. But from what this sentence infers is that your friends will evaporate. This is where Hassan Nasrallah got more than he gambled for. Israel actually criticised it’s allies, instead of Nasrallah’s gamble for the opposite to happen. By far the former is better than the latter, but this is dangerous weakness demonstrated by the Israeli administration. Olmert stood in front of the Winongrad Committee and told them that, had their allies been true friends, they would have tried to stop the war in “the first three days” rather than push Israel to carry on. He also said that every single nation who had supported this war had “back-stabbed” Israel and made it “crash into Nasrallah’s bunkers”.

Nasrallah’s honesty surfaces again. Nasrallah described Olmert as the following; Olmert is like the drowning man who would step on his sons head to save himself. In this case, Olmert is drowning in criticism and defeat, he is rescuing himself by stepping on the heads of his allies, party and colleagues i.e. Halutz and Peretz. Olmert told the committee that it was not his fault for having sch a stupid man as his defense minister i.e. Peretz, because it was Kadima who placed him there. Then he says Halutz was like a “retarded” child, if he was placed in the finance ministry, he would have caused a mess, and as the chief of staff, he proved to be a mess even though he’s a very experienced military man.

Nasrallah in the war made many speeches, and interviews. He warned the Israeli people that they are relying on the most foolish and stupid leadership in Israels history. The next day, the press launched a staunch campaign against the war and Olmert. Some headlines said, “Olmert: Cut and Run”, others were saying, “Olmert, take the successes you’ve achieved and STOP.” This outlines the credibility of Hassan Nasrallah among even his enemy. While Nasrallah was preparing a speech which damned the Israeli leadership to a lifetime of stupidity and foolishness, Olmert was talking to a Bulgarian reporter about how clever and brave Nasrallah was!

Hassan Nasrallah has always come out on top being one of the most honest politicians and leaders in the modern world, and certainly the most preffered in the region. He has gained the respect and legitimacy from all peoples of the world, including his enemies simply because of his courage and honesty. It has always been his moto to stay brave in the face of terrorism and to stay honest, whatever happens. His ideology is based on patience. The Israelis’ ideology is based on swiftness and speed. Life is a marathon because the people before you, with you or after you have had to carry it on. Whom do you think will win a marathon, a fast 100m short-runner or a paced long-runner?




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