March 14 Forces stress dialogue

24 03 2007

The March 14 forces who were among the first calling for national unity and the adoption of dialogue…stress their resolve to continue dialogue despite irresponsive speeches made by representatives of the March 8 camp during the past days,” said a statement after a meeting of the pro-government camp in Koreitem late Friday.

Now I don’t know about you, but Im worried about what these puppets mean about ‘irresponsive’ comments? Wasn’t it their side who called the national unity government formation of 19-11 a ‘dream’ and ‘impossible’ just yesterday and alot of days before?

Wasn’t it Jumblat who said that Berri takes orders from Iran and Syria in the middle of dialogue? Wasn’t it the same maniac who used foul language to describethe president of Syria in the middle of the crises? I don’t know ma, the website I linked this article to is a March 14 one, just read what they write about ‘Hizbollah has no place in Lebanon (??? WTF is this about???)’ and other articles and you will know what I mean…NOW




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