The Israeli War of Aggression

22 03 2007

An Israeli ministerial panel decided Wednesday to officially name last year’s 33 days of combat with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement “the Second Lebanon War,” its chairman announced.




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23 03 2007
abu yussif

actually, the kidnapping of israeli soldiers in israeli territory was the aggression that started the war. hizbullah/syria/iran should not have started something it couldn’t finish, in light of everyone there crying tears in global television for the war to end.

some “victory”, hmmm?

24 03 2007

abu yussif, what did Israel actually gain from this war? what did they do right in this war? what was Hizbollah able to do in this war? Who was putting the commands on the cease-fire in the war and who’s commands went through and whos went to the bin? Who did the UN forces ask from permission to enter Lebanon? This must all be analysed before you say “SOME VCITORY”. What were you loooking at? The Lebanese PM crying on TV? He hardly represents 20% of the Lebanese population. Who did you see crying, an old woman on TV? They are human you know, and humans cry in emotional situations, such as having you’re whole extended family whipped out by a bomb. People in Israel cried too, does that mean they lost or won?

Here’s an idea of what i’m talking about, during WW2, London was reduced to total rubble. Hardly anything was left, even parliament which is a 1000 year old institution was bombed to peices…twice.

The truth is israel gained nothing from this war, they did nothing right in this war, you remember the hidding behind civilians and collateral damage bussiness? who believed it, hardly anyone, the world is to mature for those outdated lies. Hizbollah was able for the first time in Israeli history have 1.5 million people in bunkers or relocated to the south, the whole israeli economy freezing to a stand-still, threatened to hit tell aviv, keep the two soldiers, effectively use katyusha rockets, crude out dated ones, to detter Israel and move the public voice against their leaders, made the first israeli chief of staff to voluntarily quit from his position for the first time in israels existance, hit a record ammount of tanks in action, made the israelis advance by meters in days rather than kilometres in hours and the list goes on my friend.

The fact that Hizbollah were putting the terms for any cease-fire, and their terms had to be accepted, was a significant aspect of the war. Israel’s terms were rocket fire stops, hezbollah pulls to behind the litani and the two prisoners released. Did any of that happen? nope. In addition, it was also revealed that the international community contributing forces for the UN actually called and asked Hezbollah’s permission for asurances that their forces were not attacked. They didn’t ask nor the lebanese government or the IDF, just hezbollah. I don’t see the UN asking the taliban oh please don’t attack us if we come in, they just sent NATO under chpter 7. They could have done the same to Hizbollah, but they knew damn right they couldn’t.

6 03 2008
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9 06 2008
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