The Failure

17 03 2007

Ok, I’ve been hearing a lot of analysis’ etc about the way it was Israel’s weaknesses that caused it to fail. Even Hezbollah themselves picked up the nasty habit. It’s time they are a bit less shameful and more bigheaded. They, and others, must realise and admit that it wasn’t Israels weakness that made it fail, it was Hezbollahs strength, OK?

IDF soldiers expected ragtag fighters who would fire a round of bullets and run away. Hezbollah though has managed to create a new style of fighting which is a mixture of guerilla tactics i.e. not being seen but as effective as a classical army i.e. forcefuly grinding the advancing army to a halt.

Hezbollah’s worst Lebanese enemy, Walid Jumblat declaired Hezbollah victorious before Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah (when he asked who the victory will be given to), and IDF soldiers famously claiming “they ?(Hezbollah) obviously didn’t hear that Arab fighters should run away after a short engagement with the IDF”



29th Anniversary

17 03 2007

It’s the 29th anniversary of Yehia Skaf’s capture and imprisonment in Israeli Jails today.

Puppet downplaying

17 03 2007

Both (Harriri and Berri)┬ásaid the dialogue was “ongoing, with the best intentions and positive atmosphere to reach a solution as soon as possible.”

However, a source close to Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s office said that media reports on the meetings are “exaggerated, as the meetings have not gone beyond exchanging of ideas.”

I mean this seniora guy really is starting to be dangerously and annoyingly stubborn. He’s so stubborn he’s trying to step over his masters (Harriri) head! Lets see what happens to puppets who do that…

17 03 2007

“Germans again mull Israel’s right to exit” – a biased headline.

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17 03 2007

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17 03 2007

Speaking to Israel Radio, Peres said that he, as a citizen of Israel and as a member of the Knesset, had faith in Olmert, and described him “as one of the best prime ministers that there has been.”

So according to Peres, the best PM in Israels history is the one with a 2% rating? Niiceee.

Iraq shattered America’s image, Villepin.

17 03 2007

“For us you represented the camp of freedom. You were the guarantors of human rights,” Villepin said.