11 03 2007


KABOOM! Thats what happens if your MK-4 Merkava tank gets hit by those Kornet-E’s i was talking about earlier. Be-careful…

UPDATE: Well there you have it, I have been corrected. It’s not an MK-4 Merkava, its a Magach C7!




4 responses

18 03 2007

It’s not a Merkava, it’s a Magach 7C, a modified M60 Patton! Much older than the Merkava

18 03 2007

Even though it looks nowhere like neither the patton m60, not the magach 7c, and more like a typre of merkava simply because of its smaller cannon and slimmer body armour, i’ll take your word for it 😉

28 03 2010

This was a road accident, you can see the dent on the side of the road and it is not a merkeva mark 4.

7 06 2016

Its the Magach 7C, its a modified M60 with more armor, anyways, a missile didn’t even hit it, it crashed, dumbass.

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