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9 03 2007

Comments Concerning Hizbollah

9 03 2007

“Even I have been surprised at the tenacity of these groups fighting in the villages, they have fought far beyond my expectations and they haven’t even committed all their fully experienced troops yet.” Timur Goksel, who served with UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon from 1979 to 2003, said.

“These guys fight just the way guerrillas would…they are well organised and fight in small groups with determination.” An IDF company commander said about Hizbollah fighters.

“Hezbollah waited for us to walk into the town. It was deserted. But as soon as we got inside they attacked.” Captain Ari Dagan, a 26-year-old paratrooper who was hit in the leg in an ambush, said.

“Either we live with dignity and strength or death is better.” Abu Ali, a prominant Hizbollah Fighter who participated in the Summer War against Israel said in Bint Jbeil.

“It’s been ugly,” Dudi Levisohn, a member of the Golani squad, said. “But it’s our job. We have to do it. We suffer so the people in Tel Aviv can enjoy themselves.”

“Hezbollah is tougher (than chechen rebels)” Vladi, an IDF infantry sniper, said.

“From the point of view of the individual (IDF) soldier, they (Hizbollah) are better than the Arab armies that surround us,” Col. Omri Bar-David, a reserve battalion commander, said.

“During the day, Hezbollah sees us perfectly and we can’t see them@ an IDF officer said.

“On Monday, reservists were angered when Northern Command chief Maj. Gen. Udi Adam termed Hezbollah a terrorist group.” The Times reported.

“They are professionals,” a soldier who returned from Lebanon said. “They have new weapons. There have been no improvement in our tanks in 10 years. Their mission is clear — to hurt us. And they can do this very well. Don’t say they are not soldiers. They are soldiers.”

“A military victory will never be possible, they are mobile, dedicated and willing to act. When there’s shelling, they’re not scared. They’re not sitting in bunkers.” Major General Alain Pellegrini, the commander of UNIFIL said.

“It was hell. They are really well trained. They’re not suckers, they know how to fight, you’re scared the whole time over there. We didn’t get any sleep the whole week.” An Israeli IDF reserve said after fighting in Maroun Al-Ras, a small village in lebanon 2 miles from the border.

“Many, many (Hizbollah attacks were conducted), it was very bad because you don’t know where they are coming from. It was horrible, you don’t know what it’s like, with every second a rocket- propelled grenade shooting over your head.” Another Israeli reserve added.

“Not a single army in the world could dismantle or disarm an organisation such as that of Hizbollah.” Tzipi Livni.

“Our main objectives are to regain the two kidnapped soldiers, disarm Hizbollah, stop the rocket fire and push Hizbollah outside the south of the litani river, therefore demoloshing Hizbollah.” Ehud Olmer, the PM of Israel. He now has a rating of 3% because of this war.

“I will be the cause of the destruction of Hizbollah!” Dan Halutz, who was forced to resign after the war.

“Hassan Nasrallah will never forget the name Amir Peretz!” Amir Peretz, the Israeli Defence Minister said, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah replied, “Neither I – nor anyone else will forget you Amir because of your stupidity and foolishness that you demonstrated in the war. You now possess 1% (according to Yedioth Ahronot) of the electorates percentage!”

I will be publishing a video of what a Hizbollah guerilla interviewed by Al-Jazeera said after the war in Aita Al-Sha’b, the most contested village in the “defense triangle” consisting of Aita Al-Sha’b, Maroun Al-Ras and Bint Jbeil.

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9 03 2007

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9 03 2007

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