Norman Finkelstein

27 02 2008

Th TV station that hosted Norman Finkelstein for the interview is a Lebanon-based, Harriri-owned station. Just look at the difference. We have a foreign, American and Jewish person trying to convince and teach a Lebanese woman (march 14 traitor) about respect and honour. Ridigulous.


Civil Unrest

11 02 2008

The civil war we were promised yesterday by Jumblat and Harriri is starting to materialise:

“”A convoy from the Future movement was driving by Berri’s residence. Apparently some heated words were exchanged with Berri’s security service and shots were fired.”

No injuries were reported and the security forces are conducting investigation of the incident

In Aley , a summer resort town , 10 miles east of Beirut , two people were wounded in clashes late Sunday between members of Druze leader Walid Jumblatt’s Progressive Socialist Party ( PSP) and rivals from the Lebanese Democratic Party (LDP) headed by the pro-Syrian opposition former MP Talal Arslan, security officials said.

2 people were wounded . One girl: Haneen Arij ( 12) and one man : Rami Seri- Eddin (22) according to the national News Agency.

The incidents came hours after Jumblatt warned the Hezbollah -led opposition that March 14 is ready for war and peace” (and also hours after Hariri bragged he will not remain with his hands ‘tied’)

I want to present two arguments, which resemble the same arguments presented by March 14 when the elctricity riots happened;

1) What were Hariri’s people doing in Ain el-Tineh district, which is Berri’s stronghold and residence, fully armed? I say to provoke and instigate a clash which will escalate into the war Hariri promised us Lebanese (you see, Hariri wants to be the new Wa3ad Al Sadeq in Lebanon, and through this Wa3ed he will bring us the social justice his party also promises). However, you will not hear this great peice of divine wisdom from Harriri this time he’ll come up with another ubsurd explanation for it – he always does.

2) Aley is the stronghold of Jumblat. Why is his area reaking havvoc and sporadic gunfights? It must be his fault because it’s his area. This is the argument presented by the idiot Jumblat after clashes took place in the Dahyeh – a Hezbollah stronghold. But ofcourse we all know who was responsible for that.

Do you see the ubsurdity and catch 22 in those arguments? That’s exactly why on Thursday (14 February) only 30 or 35 thousand people will turn up for the third anniversary of Hariri Seniors assasination. This is also why Hariri is ‘redistributing’ $25million in North Lebanon, in places like Tripoli [you see, Hariri is not a Billionnaire afterall, he’s a hardcore socialist – just like Jumblat].

Hahaha, give us a break you nutcases.

“Ruling Bloc Urged Israel to Kill Sayyed Nasrallah”

10 02 2008

The February 14 bloc insisted on exposing its role in the 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon, after some of its figures denied what the head of the Winograd commission said about the existence of a “classified part of the war report which was not revealed so as not to “endanger Israel’s security and foreign relations.” However, does Eliyahu Winograd need to fabricate these words as some February 14 figures have claimed?
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had made an extraordinary effort to ban the publication of his full statement to the Winograd Committee, because of the “sensitive information” it contains pertaining to the war.
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Lebanons Botched Government Initiating Civil War

10 02 2008

If Lebanon ever descends into civil war anytime soon, at least you would know who the first people to start it were. A week ago, a PSP (Walid Jumblats party) official was admitted to hospital with a bullet wound to his chest. Major news outlets such as LBC TV raced to take an account of what happened from this official. He claimed that he was driving in the streets of ‘Aramoun, only to be amushed by unknown gunmen who aparantly wanted him dead. This is the guy:


So far so good. Then, good old Al-Manar had to butt in and screw up this guys five minutes of sympathetic fame. I mean, just look at his face. Doesn’t he look like a victim to you? Wrong. The person you’re looking at is a notorious terrorist who took to the streets on that same day to terrorise the citizens of ‘Aramoun by randomly shooting everywhere.


This is the same man in action. He arrived with a few friends on Sunday just after midnight. He could be heard telling his friends to empty their magazines before the amy arrives, because they aren’t too far away. This is one of his friends brandishing his new American M4A1 Colt, and then aiming with it:

capture.jpg capture2.jpg

Then this is another of his militia friends:


Now, six days later and none of the people who were caught on camera been arrested or charged with a single offense. Even though the authorities have the name of the guy who faked it, the face of three of his terrorist collegues and even their car details:


What else do authorities need for a proper investigation to happen? Why was the former story, or should I say lie, linked to Syria, but this is not even being dealt with. Why isn’t the authorities rushing to find out who did this, then squash them and their line-of-command like bugs. Why don’t they link these people with the same militia/terrorist men who regularly terrorise the Lebanese people by firing at demonstrators and killing dozens so far. Do you want to know why? Because these scums are Waleed Jumblats men. Don’t take it from, take it from the scum who was wounded by his own friends – he gave his name and affiliation upon being asked on national television.


It is not surprising that this guy, Nizar Munthir (the wounded lier from the begining of this post), got shot by his own friends. Their irresponsible behaviour could be seen left and right. Just who shoots towards the ground at close proximity to a car packed with friends? Well, one of them thought it was a good idea:


If you want to download this video in WMV format, then click here. Or watch it here:

Despite all of this evidence, March 14 leaders act like the victims but ofcourse talk like prince’s of civil war. “You want anarchy? (We) welcome anarchy. You want war? (We) welcome war,” Jumblatt said, to the cheers of supporters. “There is no problem with weapons…” said Jumblatt. Harriri went on to say, “We don’t want a confrontation. But if we are dragged into one, we will not stay hands tied,” Hariri vowed in Tripoli. He earlier said in Beirut: “If confrontation is our destiny, then we stand ready.” Do you hear the tone? Compare that with Hezbollah’s, “We have been hearing an escalatory tone lately with readiness to confront; a tone that we did not hear during the 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon. The opposition cannot be drawn into internal sedition. They (loyalty bloc) need to find other ways to prove their competence to those who made them their proxies,” MP Mohammad Raad, the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc said. “If unity is our destiny, then we stand ready for it,” he responded Saturday to Hariri’s pledge of confrontation. Jumblatt even went on to threaten launching attacks at the opposition, “We have no problem with weapons or with rockets which we will launch on you.” Predicting assassinations against the army in the region under his control, Jumblatt warned that there are”armed groups planning to carry out terrorist attacks against the army in the mountains.””

10 02 2008

Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit suggested obliterating a Gaza neighborhood in response to Saturday’s Qassam fire on Sderot, saying “any other country would have already gone in and level the area, which is exactly what I thing the IDF should do – decide on a neighborhood in Gaza and level it.””

Do you see the trend? Israel does, afterall, adopt terrorist tactics. Just in case you doubted it.

9 02 2008

“Shas Minister Yitzhak Cohen called for a complete power cut in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, saying that “as long as Sderot is burning we must suffocate the infrastructures in Gaza until all those who fire Qassams will put down their weapons in broad daylight.””

Do you see the trend? Israel does, afterall, adopt terrorist tactics. Just in case you doubted it.

Super Duper Tuesday

8 02 2008

The outcomes of Super Tuesday in the US were as expected: A virtual tie between the two Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama whereas on the Republican camp, a win by John MacCain although Mike Huckabee did better than expected whereas Mitt Romney went home with the most to lose.

Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are well known for their conservative and traditional ideology. Mike Huckabee manages to win many conservative votes from his rival, Mitt Romney, as well as from many Republicans disgruntled by MacCain’s relatively Liberal views. Hackabee may well go on to claim a political victory for being able to secure many votes over what many had predicted and was able to pocket a sizeable share of delegates even though his two rivals had shared every state save Iowa pre-Super Tuesday states. Even though Huckabees chances of overtaking any of his rivals seem extremely narrow, especially when it comes to MacCain, he as well as Romney are continuing their campaign to obviously secure a ‘running mate’ position as well as being chosen the Vice President – notice how Huckabee and Romney increasingly claim they will reach the White House as opposed to the Presidency.

As for the Democats, Hillary Clinton was the clear, albeit extremely narrow, victor on Tuesday, winning the biggest and most important states on offer and securing more delegates than Obama. She will go on to claim that she faced Obama’s full-throttle momentum accumilated after his victory in Iowa. However, Obama was also pleased, he won more states than Hillary and proved his ‘Beltway’ and nation-wide popularity. He will also be oblied to highlight the fact that his momentum is still in full swing and, even though hindered, was not stopped by even Hillary Clinton – a heavy-weight Democrat whom not-so-long-ago had double digit leads over any of the second-bests in the race.

The Republicans now have a decisive leader for the Presidential election whereas the Democrats don’t. This could prove to be damaging as the General Presidential Elections approach. The Republicans can now focus most of their energy at bashing at the Democratic nominees, while Clinton and Obama continue to bash at each other more ferociously in the days to come.